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3.5 mm Bluetooth headphones for Gamers with RGB light

3.5 mm Bluetooth headphones for Gamers with RGB light

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Technical specifications

Let yourself get involved in the adventure of your video games and enjoy the high-quality sound that will immerse you in the action!

Bluetooth: Link your PC, laptop or cell phone and play in total comfort, without connecting any cables.

Detachable microphone: You can remove the microphone and simply use the headphones to listen to music, or put it on to use it in your online games, chats and virtual calls; Its structure is flexible, so you can move it and place it in the position that you like best.

Rechargeable battery: Its internal battery gives you up to 12 hours of continuous use.

Comfort: They are Over Ear with an ergonomic design, so they completely cover your ears and isolate noise so that your audio experience is total. In addition, its leather-like padded finish on the headband and headphones will give you great comfort for many hours of gaming.

Led light: They incorporate RGB multicolor LED lighting on the headphones and blue LED light on the detachable microphone.

Controls: Buttons on the left earcup let you increase/decrease the volume, mute the microphone, answer calls, change tracks, and more.

Also use them with cable 1 : Connect them with the included AUX TRRS cable to your PC, laptop, console or cell phone.

Long cable: It measures approximately 1.45 meters, so you will have great freedom of movement while you are playing.

The controls on the headset have no function in wired mode.

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