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Osmo Mobile Smart Stabilizer

Osmo Mobile Smart Stabilizer

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About this item

  • Portable, foldable and magnetically fast - take this compact stabilizer on all your adventures. Easily attach and detach your phone with the magnetic clamp, so you can start recording whenever you want
  • Improved ActiveTrack 5.0 - Track your target from further away and keep them on plane even if they move. Keep track of his profile while he runs and plays soccer or when he spins while dancing
  • Effortless editing - whether with step-by-step help with DJI Mimo's ShotGuides, or with a multitude of templates to choose from in LightCut, don't just cut out clips - get incredible works
  • Smooth videos - elevate your shots with three-axis stabilization. With a state-of-the-art control algorithm, Osmo Mobile SE compensates for shakes in real time, to deliver truly smooth videos.
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