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Adata HD710 Pro 1TB external hard drive

Adata HD710 Pro 1TB external hard drive

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If you are looking for a hard drive to improve the performance of your computer, the Adata AHD710P-1TU31 is what you need. Its practicality and operational durability compared to other types of nightclubs make the difference.

All terrain
Imagine a high-quality storage drive that is water and dust resistant... unbreakable. This product fulfills all these essential functions since it is ideal for transporting it in any type of environment.
Trust above all
its built-in security system. With this disk you can protect all the sensible information without having to worry about your private files. His defense is impenetrable. The storage you need
Make the most of its 1TB storage, which allows you to store a large number of documents, movies, music and all the files you need in order to simplify your daily tasks.

More speed at your fingertips
This scope This drive transfers data through a USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, which will allow you to transmit a greater amount of information.

  • Its 1 TB capacity is useful for saving programs and all types of documents.
  • Resistant to adverse climates.
  • 2.5" size.
  • Suitable for PC and laptop.
  • Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, Linux.
  • Easy and ideal to transport anywhere.
  • Accessories included: USB cable.
  • Connection interface: USB 3.2 Gen 1.
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