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Amazfit Sport T-rex Pro

Amazfit Sport T-rex Pro

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Amazfit smartwatches are going strong: modern design and functionality combine for a great experience. The screen stands out compared to other watches for its quality and good visualization, even in broad daylight. In addition, they have very useful sports modalities for all types of training.

Blood oxygen saturation monitor
The level of oxygen in the blood is a very important indicator in determining general well-being. You can control this data from your wrist and evaluate your physical condition while carrying out your daily activities or during intense training sessions.

Rest better, perform more
Thanks to the sleep monitoring function, you can learn more about your nighttime habits and the quality of your rest so you can perform better the next day.

Accurate tracking of your training
Record all your routes in real time thanks to the GPS module built into the smartwatch. Challenge your limits with real-time data such as distance, speed and pace.

Energy that adapts to your routine
Train every day! Its battery lasts up to 18 days, depending on the intensity of use. You will have enough energy to accompany your daily workouts and take them to another level.

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