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Xiaomi Sound Pro

Xiaomi Sound Pro

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Xiaomi Sound Pro

High fidelity smart speaker

* Flagship 7-unit configuration

*40W large size woofer, 16mm large amplitude linear vibration to deliver high precision sound.

* Sound and light interaction, intelligent perception of lighting effects

* Strong and well balanced sound

* HARMAN audio EFX professional tuning software

*Supports AUX IN, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 5.1 connection methods

* 2 stereo combo speakers

*360° omnidirectional sound output, 91dB shocking sound pressure

Update 7 Configuration Unit

Xiaomi Sound Pro has an integrated 7-unit acoustic setup. Compared with XIAOMI sound with a built-in 3-unit acoustic configuration, the number of acoustic configurations is doubled and the sound quality is better.

40W large size woofer

The large size has a large volume, the low-frequency unit brings fuller bass, and the percussion performance is shocking, natural and full of energy. tookfun

High volume, balanced sound

Shocking sound pressure of 91dB, with high porosity sound permeable fabric, loud volume while retaining rich sound details. 360° omnidirectional sound output, no matter where it is placed, you can hear good sound in all directions.

HARMAN audio EFX professional tuning software

Professional tuning by Xiaomi acoustic engineers via HARMAN AudioEFX audio software enables Xiaomi Sound Pro to present a clearer and more balanced sound effect, making music more pleasant to the ear. tookfun

Support independent adjustment of sound effects

Xiaomi Sound Pro can be freely connected with your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and other devices

Support AUX IN, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 5.1 and other connection methods.

2 combined stereo

Easy to set left and right channels, supports AUX IN wired connection.

Galaxy ambient light

The fuselage is surrounded by colorful LED lamp beads to form a Galactic lighting effect. Follow the music to show highs and lows and light and dark changes in real time.

Ambient sound effect of different colors

New lossless music

A lossless music area has been added and the music library covers pop, jazz and classical categories. High resolution restores the rich audio details of the master tape. Make your voice immersive.

Package list: Xiaomi Sound Pro × 1

Instruction manual × 1

Power cord × 1

3.5mm audio cable × 1

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