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CyberDog bionic quadruped robot

CyberDog bionic quadruped robot

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Explore to make the future cooler

May everyone enjoy the good life that technology brings

It is Xiaomi's dream since its birth

To this end, Xiaomi relies on eleven years of technical precipitation, a highly creative and passionate engineering team.

Entering the field of robotics for the first time

Discover a new partner for the future – CyberDog

Prove hard verification for the future
Self-developed high-performance servo motor

Push the limits of each sport!

The self-developed powerful "heart", combined with motion control algorithms, allows CyberDog adapt to a variety of complex terrain, even under external interference,
can quickly restore balance!

High precision environmental perception system

Restore more realistic biological reactions

In complex external environments, biological perception is very limited.
The eleven high precision sensors by CyberDog They are always on standby to actively detect subtle changes outside!

Edge AI Supercomputer

Experience the next generation of computing speed!

384 CUDA cores, 48 tensor nuclei, 6 Carmel ARM CPU and 2 deep learning accelerator engines to process massive quantities
of data from multiple sensors!

Explore your original dreams with technology
Ultrasensory visual detection system

Comparable to the spatial perception of the "naked eye"

Xiaomi extends mobile phone imaging technology to the field of robotics. The AI ​​interactive camera, the ultra-wide-angle binocular camera
and the Intel RealSense™ D450 depth camera module provide great support for exploring new scenes.

AI voice interaction system

They accompany you, interesting and obedient

Xiaomi Smart Voice has been applied to 8 main interaction scenarios, accessing more than 72,3000 devices in more than <> categories*.
Now, this technology will use warm communication to awaken a new form of intelligent life in the future!

Multiple control methods

Easy operation with just a mobile phone*, real-time video transmission. It can also be controlled with a remote control to
make every movement more precise!

Enriched peripheral expansion

3 Type C + 1 HDMI interfaces, expandable device application more innovative scenarios,
to cope with a variety of complex environments!

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