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Cell Phone Stabilizer 2-Axis Automatic 360° Rotation

Cell Phone Stabilizer 2-Axis Automatic 360° Rotation

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About this item

  • Professional stable and shake-resistant stabilizer: This stabilizer helps you record better videos, uses powerful gyroscope real-time compensation function to improve mobile phone shaking and other problems, make sure the mobile phone stays stable, solve the problem of hand shaking during shooting and improve the mobile video shooting effect.
  • Lightweight and foldable, easy to carry: Record daily routines from anytime, anywhere. The wireless stabilizer is 260 grams and 155mm, made of aluminum alloy to make the stabilizer more durable and stable. This smartphone stabilizer is one of your best partners when you travel, suitable for photo, vlog, live video recording.
  • Professional Stabilizer with Exclusive App: Connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth to support your own mobile camera and third-party app camera to record the joy of life in a creative way. Scan the Code to download and unlock the app for more fun.
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